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@kurtsorge de-stressing in Bali! Check the link in bio for full video. #solos #gopro @polygonbikes @balibikepark @thechillhouse
@geoffgulevich and @micaylagatto dropping in.. @ixssports #solos #gopro
@kurtsorge flowing through the @balibikepark. If you need a break to de-stress check the link in my bio to watch the full video. @polygonbikes @thechillhouse #solos #gopro
Bali is quickly becoming a hotspot for biking.. Check out the link to watch @kurtsorge flowing through the island landscapes.. @polygonbikes thanks to @thechillhouse @balibikepark @fricadelli and the rest of the bike park crew for all your help. http://m.pinkbike.com/news/bali-beach-vibes-with-kurt-sorge-video-2016.html
Nothing feels better than having your bros and girlfriend out shredding the new trail you built! Thanks @samreynolds26 for the follow cam!! #solos #gopro @spankbikes @striktgear #jilly @grahamagassiz @mattygmiles @kylekjameson @aceslayden
This story begins with a week of bad weather and the @festseries crew went to one of our iconic viewpoints and payed their respects to @steviesmithdh The chainsaw replied with a 3hr weather window for the crew to ride! As the fest crew does they rode hard and pushed the sport of mountain biking once again!! #longlivechainsaw #festseries
So awesome to see the youth put on a show for the @festseries crew tonight at kamloops bike ranch. After hearing that @levi.whitman hit the jump for the first time @jessemunden11 and @taylor_munden overcame the fear and smoothly flowed a big hip.. So awesome to see.. #solos #GoPro #nobradnoride
@turcotte16 dealing with a windy night at the Kamloops Bike Ranch. Snow to dirt, no problem.. #solos #gopro
@ryanmunden surfing the wake.. #gopro #solos @kickinghorsecoffee #interiorwave
It is hard to take the view in when riding on trails like this .. Thanks for the photo #gopro #chestie #solos @seerevelstoke @spankbikes
How's the view.. Mount Cartier laps providing the flow.. #solos #gopro @selkirktangiers @seerevelstoke @spankbikes #begbie
A throwback to filming with @grahamagassiz Always charging and pushing his game when he rides! Be sure to check out his event @aggysreunion coming up soon in Kamloops! #solos @festseries #tbt